Christina MItcham, LMSW,PLLC

What you should know about Beakthrough Counseling

I can listen to your story, offer support, and we can work together to discover new ideas for understanding the problem, coping, and communicating...

In therapy, there is a very real art to developing a collaborative, supportive therapeutic relationship to support your goals. It is in this context that we can find a way to build trust and work to find relief from symptoms, resolve problems, change thinking patterns, experience healing,  and achieve personal growth.

Q: How long will it take? Will I really feel better?

 A study in the Journal of Counseling and Psychology found that most people feel better within 7-10 visits. In a different study published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, they found that 88% of people who experienced therapy reported improvements after just one session. Isn't that amazing? Whether you benefit from 1 or 100 sessions, what do you have to lose? I would love to meet you so we can find out what it will take so that you can feel better and begin to live the life you want!

Q: How do I know if I should schedule an appointment?

If you're eating or sleeping more than usual, withdrawing from family or friends, or just feeling "off", counseling  can help. Other reasons you might consider Breakthrough Counseling could be that you are using alcohol, drugs, food, or sex to cope; feeling like your emotions are out of control, you've lost someone or something important to you, something traumatic happened, or you just cant do the things you like.

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