This is My Brave


This is My Brave

After losing three members of her family to suicide and to manage her own history of abuse, Julie found writing and sharing her stories to be an invaluable part of her healing process. 

Sam lives with PTSD and has a sibling who lives with schizoaffective disorder.

Katie  advocates for healthy sleep as a basic human right. She continues to recover from PTSD and is completely recovered (one night at a time) from sleepwalking, insomnia and night terrors as symptoms of intergenerational trauma. 

Jack credits music, writing, and photography with helping him relieve his psychosis and depression while living with bipolar 1 in his late teens and 20's.         

I recently have been so inspired by women and men who are finding courage to share their truth about their experiences with sexual assault and sexual harassment that we hear about on the news. What I’m noticing, is that it seems to be contagious. The more people that find the courage to share their stories, the more people are feeling validated in their truth.

 This is why “This is My Brave” was so interesting to me when I discovered it. You can find their website by typing to hear the stories for yourself. I love poetry, essays, and truth. And although it is mostly very difficult material, most of us can find ourselves in their stories. 

Whether we live with mental health problems or love some one who does, the stories serve to be a catalyst for disintegrating stigma, help us see that we are not alone, and promote hope in our recovery journey. This is why storytelling is so powerful. This is why your story matters.

Narrative therapy is mostly the process of telling your story and learning how to reframe it in order to promote healing and more positive outcomes. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be an important element to the healing process too. 

Sometimes the most difficult part is finding the courage to put your story into words. In therapy at Breakthrough Counseling, you will find a safe environment to share your story and experience the emotions and freedom that comes with healing, finally.

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